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Member's Internet Access

Welcome To MIA:   Member's Internet Access
Are you still handling your family's finances the old-fashioned way? Your visits to the credit union are always welcome, but we understand that they aren't always convenient for you.
That's why we offer MIA:   Member's Internet Access, a free service that lets you conduct the following transactions from any computer with Internet access, anytime day or night (However, from time to time, some or all of the Online Member's Internet Access services may not be available due to system maintenance.):
·         Make account inquiries
·         Check your account balances
·         Review account history
·         Transfer funds between your savings and checking accounts
·         Access your current account statement(s) and more
Available services may be added or cancelled at any time.   We will update the Online Member's Internet Access Electronic Disclosure and Agreement to notify you of new services offered by the credit union.   By using these services when they become available, you agree to be bound by the rules contained in the MIA Agreement.
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                        10200 East Freeway #125                          ;                              Houston, TX  77029
                        Fax:(713) 673-2420
                       Email:   REEDCUNION@AOL.COM
Member Name:                                                                
 Account No.:                                                                         
 Login ID:  May be any alpha, numeric, or alpha-numeric code minimum of 6 characters and up to 12 characters. The login must include at least one Alpha and one Numeric character. Do not include spaces, dashes, commas or periods or any other symbols.
Requested ACCESS ID:                                                        
Second Choice:                                                                   
You may choose to have access to all of your credit union accounts or you may limit the access to selected accounts.

Please list the accounts you wish to have access to on MIA. If you wish to have access to all of your accounts simply write ALL. If you have more than one member number and would like to have those accounts available also, please list the Member number with selected accounts or with the word ALL




 Authorizing Signature:

   Your account will be available on MIA by the next business day after Credit Union submission of your request.

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